Portfolio Entry #4- Egg Car Crash Project

In Tech Ed me and my partners Daniel and Kenny made a designed car to protect an egg in a car crash. We had restraints, one hundred dollars was the max amount of money we could use. We didn’t need that much apparently, considering we only used 76 dollars. Our car was very protective of the egg, with cotton balls practically surrounding it. We had no problems making this car, and it was an extremely fun assignment. I learned how to make a safe car, and what would be needed to making one.

Example of Egg Crash Project (we couldn’t use duct tape)


Portfolio Entry #3- Chemical Change Poster

In Science class me and a partner made a poster about chemical changes and what kinds of changes that could happen. This took us about two and a half classes to finish, and we had to complete definitions and examples and we also had to draw pictures for endothermic changes, exothermic changes, and thermal energy. This project was equally divided between me and my partner, I wrote everything while she colored in the words and drew the pictures. The materials needed for this project was a poster and markers, and we also used rulers to make the lines neater. I learned a lot of things from this project, like how endo and exo thermic changes could be represented in multiple ways. There was nothing I disliked in this project, it was very enjoyable for me.

Example of Poster we made

Portfolio Entry 2 Tech Ed

In Tech Ed we are building beam bridges. We have to make it at least 30 centimeters long, 9 centimeters in width, and 6 centimeters in height. We have certain requirements in building the bridge, we can only use the materials: Cups, Straws, Glue, Tape, and Craft Sticks, and my project contains each of those materials. In this assignment I learned that piers are the supporting beams that hold up a beam bridge, and a beam is like the base of the bridge. It is very sturdy and can hold up the requirement of 10 books needed to pass the project.

Portfolio Entry 1 gym

Overview- In gym right now we are playing badminton, and we play with partners of our choice. Each player covered their own areas, one plays in the front and the other plays in the back. Whoever served (underhand to the opposite player), moved to the front. The player that isn’t serving plays in the back. We played with a racket and hit around a small yellow birdie.

We learned the basic rules and what to do when and where in badminton, and I also learned where my strong suites were and where I don’t excel at. It was a fun thing to do in gym class, and I can’t wait to put my net back up and play in the summer!